Plenary Council 2020

In preparation for the 2020 Plenary Council, the NCPR was invited by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference to assist the Plenary Council Executive Committee with the collection and analysis of data.

Phase I of Journey to Plenary Council 2018‐2020 titled, “Open Dialogue & Listening” has already begun. During this phase, we are helping to collect and collate the submissions from individuals and groups engaged in the discussion and dialogue processes. A research task group has been formed to guide the process of the research over three years. The members of the task group include two members of the Plenary Council Executive Committee, two members of the Australian Catholic Council for Pastoral Research and two experienced researchers, renowned for their expertise in this field.

We will begin analysing the data from the submissions next year. The findings will be reported to the Plenary Council Executive Committee and to the ACBC. They will also be available online. Further research tools will be developed for Phase Two as deemed necessary. For further information on the Plenary Council go to