Trudy Dantis
T (direct): 61 2 6201 9812

Trudy’s academic background is in Pastoral Studies, Social Work and Community Resource Management. Her PhD thesis from the University of Divinity was titled “Tracing the pulse: An investigation into the vitality of Australian Catholic parishes”. She is the author of A Handbook for Building Stronger Parishes and has authored and co-authored several research reports. She recently returned to Australia to head the new office in Canberra.  In her prior role as researcher, her principal responsibilities have been the Building Stronger Parishes project and more recently, the National Youth Survey 2017.

Stephen Reid
Senior Research Officer
T (direct): 61 3 9953 3457

Stephen has a strong interest and qualifications in theology and social research. His professional background is in private industry, mainly in the finance and retail sectors. Stephen’s responsibilities at the Pastoral Research Office focus on quantitative research, which includes analysing and disseminating data from the Census, working on a national mapping project and being involved in the design and development of several other research projects. Stephen is also a researcher with the Christian Research Association.

Leith Dudfield
Research Assistant
T (direct): 61 2 6201 9813

Leith joined the NCPR after a varied professional and academic career. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Latin and Ancient History as well as qualifications in Theology and Psychological Studies. She is currently in the final stages of completing her Honours in Psychology at the University of Canberra. Leith works on a number of research projects at the office.

Paul Bowell
Research Assistant (Plenary Council)
T (direct): 61 2 6201 9813

Paul comes to the NCPR with both academic and applied experience in social research. He has a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology and developmental studies. His social research knowledge includes field work in remote parts of Papua New Guinea, researching the restrictions to cash-cropping activities as well as assisting ANU researchers with investigations of the lived experience of wearable technology. Paul will continue researching wearable technologies and self-tracking in his honours year at ANU in 2019 alongside his work with us in assisting with the Plenary Council 2020 project.

Bob Dixon
Founding Director – Pastoral Research Office
T (direct): 61 3 9953 3456

Bob was Director of the Pastoral Research Office from 1996 until his retirement in 2016. He has authored and co-authored numerous publications about the demography of the Australian Catholic population, aspects of Catholic belief and practice and Catholic parishes. Bob works on select research projects from time to time.