‘Beliefs and Practices of Australian Catholics’ 
Conference in Melbourne, February 2014

The first Conference of the ACBC Pastoral Research Office was held on the 19-22 February 2014

The Conference and the Parish Workshop Day explored the issues that matter to all Australian Catholics. We looked at the research results and beyond the data to consider what it all meant and how we needed to respond.

Both events were strongly informed by research. All the talks and the workshops were based on research carried out in the last five years.

News and Press

Pastoral Research Online  


Pastoral Research Online
The first edition of Pastoral Research Online, the newsletter of the ACBC Pastoral Research Office, was published in April 2013.

Future editions will be added each month

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 Pastoral Research Online Issue 13 - June 2014 

Pastoral Research Online Issue 12 - April-May 2014 

Research Projects


National Catholic Census Project - Catholics in the 2011 Census 

Australia's most recent Census was held on the night of 9 August 2011. As in earlier censuses, this office is in the process of acquiring significant amounts of data about Catholics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

We have already produced a number of national and state level reports of 2011 data on the Catholic population. These reports can be accessed by clicking the links below.

We have now started our analysis of parish and diocesan level data.  Our first two reports based on 2011 data on the Catholic population, one containing population by parish and the other population by diocese, can be accessed by clicking the links below. 

More reports will be added in the coming weeks. Comprehensive reports for all dioceses and parishes will be available shortly.

 Catholic organisations can also obtain the Excel file on which these pdf's are based. Please contact us for further info.

E-News BulletinPlease click on the links below to access the national and state level reports:




Parish Social Profile

Your Parish Social Profile, based on the 2006 Australian Census, is available. Profiles based on the 2011 Census will be available by mid 2013.

  • Each of the 1,350 parish profiles is unique.
  • All Catholic dioceses, parishes, schools and other Catholic organisations have access to this valuable data.

2006 Parish Social Profiles
Click here to access your parish profile.

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