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Pastoral Research Online
The first edition of Pastoral Research Online, the newsletter of the ACBC Pastoral Research Office, was published in April 2013.

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Pastoral Research Online Issue 19 - December 2014 

Research Projects


What do Mass Attenders Believe?  

February 2014

Is there any evidence that the cultural changes of the last fifty years or so have influenced the way that Australia’s most active Catholics think about key Catholic beliefs and moral teachings? This paper examines the question of whether changes in Australian culture have influenced the beliefs and moral attitudes of active Catholics by looking at responses from Mass attenders to selected questions in the 2011 National Church Life Survey.

To view an electronic copy of the paper: click here.


National Count of Attendance


The 3rd National Count of Attendance was conducted in May 2011. The count is conducted in the same year as the national census and the National Church Life Survey so that information collected can most effectively be used in association with results from the two larger projects. Click on the link below to view the final report.

Mass Attendance in Australia: A Critical Moment - A Report based on the National Count of Attendance, the National Church Life survey and the Australian Census.



‘Beliefs and Practices of Australian Catholics’ 
Conference in Melbourne, February 2014

The first Conference of the ACBC Pastoral Research Office was held on the 19-22 February 2014

The Conference and the Parish Workshop Day explored the issues that matter to all Australian Catholics. We looked at the research results and beyond the data to consider what it all meant and how we needed to respond.

Both events were strongly informed by research. All the talks and the workshops were based on research carried out in the last five years.

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